Curriculum for Writing and Reading א ב as well as Expressions in לשון הקודש or Yiddish, Divided into class age appropriate levels. Using a unique and innovative method. If you do not adhere to Yiddish rules, there is only holy language.

Personalised Learning Program

The method works every week and you get a booklet separately and not everything together and everyday use up to about 20 minutes, with the pencil, than once a week under the pressure of the supplier who do not get where it is needed.

Our Curriculum

Grade 1

How to use a pencil.

Grade 2

Letters wrote how to write a letter.

Grade 3

Fluent in writing with Yiddish rules.

Grade 4

Connecting to the לשון הקודש by 3 ways.                            

Grade 5

The rules of use the letters before and after a word.        

Grade 6

male and female general. The language structure of the לשון הקודש.

Grade 7

past present, many singular, present in the hidden desert, and the construction of the language of the לשון הקודש.

Grade 8

 repetition of everything and the language structure of the לשון הקודש

Most successful Learning Program

The response from the principals who use the writing program, our main enjoyment is that the material reaches every grade every week to its own level, and we see the amazing results, with the courses and the close supervision of the expert on the subject.

Join the many successful schools and chedorim today, to ensure your students are not left out!


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