Who we are

The London Reading Centre Opened in 2016, and since the founding we have already helped dozens of cases that have already given up on helping them,

Our vision

We developed a computer program especially for Children who have difficulty reading, In a way that each child can do at the level that he needs. And by using the computer Kriah program,  reading becomes fun, clearly illustrated and amazing, And so do reading types in all kinds of directions and shades.

The memorization and repetition gets very easy and the children connect to reading much faster than expected.The program has already been introduced and implemented in a number of London schools and we also have branches in the United States and Israel.

Advantages over traditional reading training

Why this Program?


The technique which has proved successful in the UK in the past, currently being used in Israel, and in its final preparations to be used across the United States. Tens of cases of children with reading difficulties boys and girls from the age of 6 through to 18+ have had their lives changed by now being able to read fluently.

High Standard

An extensive amount of effort and strategy has been invested into this program to ensure we achieve the highest standard results.


With hundreds of activities, all worked out by our reading experts, we have the ability to create a custom strategy for each student, by selecting the specific set of activities suited for their individual skills so they can improve in the areas they most need.